Yuasa Motorcycle YTX16-BS Battery

Yuasa Motorcycle | AGM | Maintenance Free | 230A 14.7Ah

Motorbike Batteries

150 × 87 × 161 mm

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Yuasa Motorcycle | AGM

Maintenance Free


YTX16-BS | 230A 14.7Ah

Terminal Type and Layout:

terminal diagram

Terminal Diagram


If high power is top priority in a replacement battery look to Yuasa’s High Performance Maintenance Free batteries. Yuasa means more power less maintenance and longer life. Yuasa’s High Performance Maintenance Free batteries are your best choice for motorcycles utility vehicles scooters ATVs ride-on mowers personal watercraft and snowmobiles.

All of the features of standard Maintenance Free batteries PLUS Increased Power – Up to 30% more cranking amps thanks to a radial grid design and additional plates.

Yuasa Cross Section Image



  • Spill-proof design means virtually no possibility of leaks
  • Advanced lead-calcium technology pumps up starting power
  • Sulphation retardant dramatically reduces battery-killing plate sulphation
  • Long lasting which means Yuasa’s High Performance Maintenance Free batteries will last up to three times longer than conventional batteries
  • Exceptional resistance to vibration makes Yuasa the most reliable battery on the market today
  • VRLA batteries hold voltage longer and need less charging in standby or storage mode
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Component Features Benefits
Cast Grid Special Grid Design Severe vibration resistance & improved conductivity
Active Material Proprietary Formulation Reduced shedding maximum utilisation & long service life
Pasted Plates Specified Thickness & Weight Ensures vibration resistance through precise compression & proper service life through specified active material balance
Dry-Charged Plates Tank Formed & Dried Plates Properly dried plates in a sealed battery have a virtually limitless shelf-life while still retaining 70-80% state of charge when initially filled with acid
Top Lead Connections Through-Partition Construction Large Straps Shorter current path for increased electrical conductivity & higher starting currents heavier parts for maximum durability
Case-Cover Seal Thermal Bonded Plastic Air tight seal to prevent air ingress & acid seepage
Terminal-Cover Seal Patented Poly-Seal Terminal Eliminates acid seepage reduces corrosion & extends battery life
Case & Cover Polypropylene Superior resistance to gasoline & oil impact resistant in extreme
weather conditions
Additive Sulphate Stop (Some models) Sulphate stop added to reduce the solubility of lead into the acid which then reduces battery sulphation potential
Separator Leaf or Envelope Separator Polyethylene with glass mat sheet bonded for compression to withstand severe vibration conditions
Separator Absorbed Glass Mat Absorbs acid while creating cell compression for extreme vibration resistance
Top Lead Alloy Calcium Alloy Increased weld strength & severe vibration resistance
Vent System Valve & Flame Arrestor Valve relieves excess pressure to prevent bursting flame arrestor prevents internal combustion
High Performance Maintenance Free
Grid System Computer-Designed Radial Grids Increased conductivity for higher starting wattage increased vibration resistance


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