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Q: My car won’t start, what do I do and how do I know it’s a battery problem? 

A: You may have noticed the engine struggling to start over the past few weeks. This is a good sign that the battery is on it’s way out. However if the vehicle has suddenly stop starting this can also be a sign of a dead battery. In this situation the most cost effective way is to jump start the vehicle and bring it straight to us. Failing that, many breakdown services can come out and jumpstart you for free (if you have a subscription with them).

Q: What’s the average lifetime of a battery? 

A: This really depends on a few things. A good quality battery will last on average around 5-7 years but only if the vehicle gets a good amount of use. If you are only using the vehicle for town use or short journeys then the battery’s lifetime will be significantly shorter. If this is the case then we recommend getting a charger as you won’t get the proper lifetime out of the battery.

Q: Can I fit my own battery? 

A: If you have to tools to do so then go ahead! However if your car is dated 2006+ we strongly recommend bring it to us and let us fit it for you. This is because we can keep all electrical systems alive when changing the battery and code the battery to the vehicle, preventing any damage to the vehicle. Please be advised that batteries are dangerous goods and proper equipment should be used and safety procedures should be adhered to. 

Q: There’s a smell coming from my battery – what should I do? 

A: If there is a smell coming from the battery, this more than likely means there is a dead cell. A dead cell could be the cause of a few problems but the majority of the time it’s down to either age or a manufacturing fault. Best thing to do is bring the battery to us as soon as you can so we can have a look at it. 

Q: My battery is getting very hot and sounds like something is boiling inside – is this normal?

A: Batteries do get quite warm while in use so this is normal. However if the battery is very hot to touch and you can hear boiling then this is an indication of overcharging. The sound you hear is actually the acid inside boiling – when this happens be especially careful not to expose a naked flame around the battery as hydrogen gas could be escaping. This could be an alternator or charger problem and could even be a dead cell or manufacturing fault. Best thing to do is bring it in to us with the vehicle or charger so we can have a good look at it. 

Q: How long does it take to charge a battery?

A: Depending on the output of the charger, size of the battery and the battery’s condition, it should normally take around 24 hours. However this could go up to 48 hours if the battery is low in charge. In terms of driving, it will take you about 200+ miles to fully charge a battery.