EK1050 (020 AGM)

Exide Start-Stop AGM | 950A 105Ah

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39.2 × 17.5 × 19 mm

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Please note this is an AGM battery. It is also sometimes refered to as a VRLA battery.

If your vehicle has Start-Stop function (for instance the engine automatically turns off when at traffic lights) you will require an AGM battery. To make sure your current battery should have the words ‘AGM’ or ‘VRLA’ on the top sticker. If in doubt send us a photo of the top of the battery and we will be more than happy to help identify it.

Some vehicles (BMW Mercedes & Audi in particular) will have AGM fitted as standard even if there is no Start-Stop system in place. If this is the case you will still need to replace it with another AGM battery.

Start Stop Symbol

This is the symbol you will see as a button and dash light in your vehicle. It essentially means that you have a Start-Stop system on your car that it is either turned on or off. As mentioned before you will requre an AGM battery if you see this symbol.


Battery Dimensions:

Battery Dimensions

Battery Polarity:

Battery Polarity

Battery Details:

Battery Details battery features

Key Details At A Glance:

  • Top charge acceptanceSpare Original Part
  • Now 4 times higher cycle life
  • Optimized for partial state of charge operations
  • Ideal for large cars SUVs vans and vehicles with Start-Stop and power-hungry electrical equipment
  • Top-level safety features and absolutely no free acid
  • Recombinant VRLA (valve regulated)
  • Latest generation approved by car manufacturers


3 Year Warranty


Exide launched the first Start-Stop AGM battery back in 2004. Their technology has evolved rapidly ever since with each new generation making large gains in efficiency and performance. Exide is able to meet the stringent requirements of carmakers giving the aftermarket confidence in the quality of our products. Exide’s Start-Stop AGM battery uses high-performance components and materials. It is ideally suited to cars with Start-Stop and/or regenerative braking systems. This new- generation AGM battery also supports sailing as well as other intelligent fuel-saving features.

Why do Groves sell this and what are our recommendations?

The Exide AGM is one of the latest technologies to join the line up. Exide themselves invented the AGM battery so we believe they know how to make a battery that performs. Exide AGM is fitted in the factory on almost every German made vehicle.

They come with a 3-year warranty. While more expensive than the standard ‘wet’ car battery; an AGM battery is required in many modern vehicles. So much so fitting the incorrect technology can drastically effect the electrical system and the battery in negative ways.

We have been supplying Exide for well over 40 years and we believe their quality and value goes far above and beyond the competition.

We recommend this battery if you:

  • Own a vehicle with an Start-Stop function or other ‘eco’ features
  • Want to drastically upgrade from a ‘standard wet’ battery
  • Own a vehicle which is newer than 2008 (please check original fitment or owners handbook)

In Depth Details:

Key Performances


Cross reference Diagram


Battery Terminology:

Ampere or Amp

The unit of measurement of current flow. One volt placed across a one ohm resistance will cause a current of one Amp to flow.

Ampere-hour or Ah

One amp for one hour is called an “amp-hour” or Ah. Ah is an indicator of the total energy the battery can store and deliver at its rated voltage. Current multiplied by time in hours equals ampere-hours. A current of one amp for one hour would be one amp-hour. The Ah performance rating of automotive batteries is measured over 20 hours of discharge so a current of 3 amps for 20 hours would be 60 Ah.

Cold Cranking Amperes (CCA)

The CCA is an indicator of the power the battery can deliver for engine start. Consequently bigger engines usually require higher CCA values to operate. CCA is measured in Amperes under normalised conditions (discharge at -18ºC keeping battery voltage over a minimum value) according to the standard EN50342-1.


All modern conventional cars use a 12V battery consisting of six cells of 2V per cell. For other applications lead-acid batteries are also available in 6V.

*ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) Breakdown Statistics 2013


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