Exide 12/2 Li-ion Charger

£55.00incl. VAT


Please note: This charger is for lithium batteries only.

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Features and Functions 

> Maximum safety: No current or voltage when the charger is not connected to the battery

> Maintenance charge: The charger can be used to perform maintenance charge when the vehicle is in storage or used infrequently

> Automatic verification: The charger stops charging if the battery voltage cannot reach 10V after two hours

> Low voltage recovery: When the battery voltage drops below 8V the charger will perform a recovery charge with 0.2Amps until the voltage reaches 8V. Then the current will automatically switch to 0.5Amps to continue charging until the voltage reaches 10V

> Constant charge current: when the battery voltage is over 10V the charger will deliver a constant current of 2Amps until the battery voltage reaches the limit of 14.2V

> Floating charge: The charger switches to floating charge mode and gradually reduces current when battery voltage reaches 14.2V


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