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Marine & Boat Batteries

We stock a large amount of leisure batteries for a wide range of applications. From caravan batteries to electric fence batteries, we offer the very best to suit your needs. While we update the site, we do have a small amount of the popular products here. If you cannot find what you require please call, email or pop into our shop.

ES950 (Gel - 85AH - True Deep Cycle)

L: 349mm W: 175mm H: 235mm
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Product Information:

Exide Equipment Gel batteries are designed to supply power for best-equipped motorhomes, caravans and marine equipment. Its construction provides high mounting exibility (in passenger room, on the side, saving up to 30% of space), service advantages (absolutely maintenance free, suitable for long resting periods) and robustness (high vibration & tilt resistant, spill-proof, leak-proof). Built in Gel technology (electrolyte xed in a gel) with VRLA venting (valve regulated) covers a Wh performance range of 950Wh, making it a great choice for most modern and demanding recreational vehicles. Comes with a full 2 year warranty.