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We have been servicing Gloucestershire for almost 70 years. Unlike other distributors, we work personally with you and your needs so when you do have to change your battery, it is a stress free experience. See all of our services we offer to Gloucestershire below.

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Product Information:

Our fitment service is what makes us special.

Our experienced staff can fit the battery for you which saves time and quite possibly money. Where possible, we keep your vehicle powered up while the battery is replaced so radio codes, trip memory and ECU memory are not compromised. With today's more modern vehicles, if their computers or ECU's are powered down, you could face some real effort and even damage if they are not properly protected while changing a battery.

Our Starter TestBattery Coding & Validation and Recycling services are fully included with our fitment service. 

At Groves, we have the experience, technology and tools to give you the very best service. We charge a standard labour amount across all products for fitment.

Type Of Battery

Price For Fitting

Standard wet battery up to 75AH


Standard wet battery 80AH and above


AGM or EFB Battery (any size)


 If you require fitting on your vehicle, please select it during the checkout process.