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Golf Trolley Batteries

We offer the very best quality batteries for any powered golfing requirements. If you think there is a issue with the trolley itself, we may be able to repair it for you. We also now stock lithium batteries. For any quotes or questions, please get in contact via phone, email or visit our Cheltenham based shop.

ProGolf Lithium 22AH - Full Kit

L: 168mm W: 128mm H: 105mm
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Product Information:


The PROGolf 12V 22AH 36 Hole Lithium Battery is a superior alternative to the traditional AGM lead acid battery. Reliant on proper battery care and maintenance, the 22AH will cover up to two rounds of Golf dependant on the golf caddy’s motor (single or dual). The compact, lightweight design of the PROGolf 22AH Lithium battery is much more convenient than the traditional AGM equivalent and fits into any electric golf trolley battery tray. When you purchase the PROGolf Lithium battery, you get the complete solution. The Lithium battery will come with the relevant connector, a smart charger, along with a PROGolf Lithium bag!